PMSCs show keen interest in ISO/PAS 28007

At our recent ISO/PAS 28007 service launch at the Lloyd’s Register Group offices in London, it was good to see so many overseas delegates who had made the effort to come along for the event. This was a clear signal of just how much interest the new maritime security standard is getting from the Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) community across the world.

Having been involved in management systems for many years now, I have been overwhelmed with the level of interest in ISO/PAS 28007. It is clear that the rising threat of piracy in high-risk areas has spawned a growth in PMSCs providing a service to shipping community. It is estimated that there are now around 400-450 PMSCs operating globally with around one-third based in the UK alone. And with a maturing market, the organisations are looking for points of difference which certification to the new maritime security standard will bring. 

The event gave delegates the opportunity to ask the panel - made up of LRQA, Lloyd’s Register and IRSS – a range of questions at the end of the session. Many of these involved the practicalities of building a workable system ready for external certification.   

It became clear that many delegates hadn’t appreciated that to become externally certified to ISO/PAS 28007, organisations need a security management system that firstly meets the requirements of the base standard, ISO 28000 before going on to then meet the additional specific requirements for 28007.

It will undoubtedly be easier for organisations that already have an existing certified management system as they will be familiar with both the process approach and the needs of the external certification programme. For those not currently operating a management system, there are training and consultancy options available in the marketplace.

For more information on ISO/PAS 28007, LRQA will be hosting a second event in central London on 23rd July. For more information, visit our web pages.

Ron Bishop