An Introduction to the Medical Device Directives Seminar


LRQA will be taking part in An Introduction to the Medical Device Directives seminar on 3-5 December 2014 in London.

This seminar, organised by the Management Forum, provides a detailed introduction to the European Medical Device Legislation and will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirements. 

Topics covered include the Directives and which products these cover, the involvement of Notified Bodies, how to select one and outline what a manufacture must do. It will also cover the documentation necessary to apply for the CE Mark.

LRQA's industry expert Theresa Jeary, Technical Manager for Medical Devices, will be presenting on the following topics at the event: 

05/12/14 at 11.15 - Drug/Device Combinations Drug or device? Examples of classification 

05/12/14 at 13.30 - Devices incorporating Material of Animal Origin Animal derived materials legislation Directive 2003/32/EC