Introducing LRQA and JRP Solutions
Energy Management Breakfast Briefing

With the pending ESOS deadline, energy usage and consumption has moved up the agenda for many large organisations.

On Friday, 9 October 2015, LRQA and JRP Solutions are hosting an energy breakfast briefing in Birmingham to provide help and support to those organisations that still have questions about:

  • ESOS
  • Want to know more about ISO 50001
  • Are interested in learning how others effectively manage their energy and energy improvement projects.

Free to attend and starting with breakfast at 7.30 am, we will be delivering four sessions on ESOS, ISO 50001 and energy management:

ESOS expert panel

Ask a panel of experts your ESOS questions in the run up to the pending deadline.

Using your ESOS energy audit to implement ISO 50001

LRQA will provide help and advice on how you can use your ESOS energy audit to implement ISO 50001.

By using your identified energy reduction opportunities, ISO 50001 will use the continual improvement methodology to help you implement your identified opportunities, reducing your energy consumption and saving you money.

As long as 90% of your energy consumption is covered by ISO 50001, you will automatically comply with the next ESOS deadline in four years’ time.  

Based on the standard plan-do-check-act process, ISO 50001 will naturally form part of your everyday business operations, ensuing less disruption and duplication of activities that come with implementing last minute audit requirements.

Energy Improvement Project Management

Effective energy improvement project management is crucial to successful project delivery and to ensure continuing stakeholder buy-in.

JRP Solutions will demonstrate their online energy project management tool, Energy Activator®, which enables the capture of energy reduction ideas and facilitates the effective management of a portfolio of energy reduction projects that will significantly improve the cost, environmental and operational performance of industrial businesses.

Demonstration of real-life energy savings

JRP Solutions will explain how they have helped a major global power systems provider with energy spend of £90 million, to stream line their energy consumption by:

  • Reducing their energy use by 30% while increasing production by 40%
  • Identifying savings of £800,000 per year by optimising plant design and operation
  • Improving energy culture leading to positive behaviour change and a 7.43% energy saving (confirmed using IPMVP), improving compliance and access to energy data.

Energy Management Breakfast Briefing

Free to attend, book your place at LRQA and JRP Solutions Energy Management Breakfast Briefing where we will discuss topics ESOS, ISO 50001 and energy management.