LRQA New Standard Webinar Series – Leadership Explaining the role of Leadership in ISO 14001:2015

Tuesday 10 May 2pm

The new 2015 version of ISO 14001 raises the requirements and expectations placed on leaders to take greater responsibility and accountability for their organisations management systems. Leaders and Top Management need to clearly demonstrate active involvement and engagement within the management system to promote, support and ultimately ensure that expected internal and external planned results are achieved.

LRQA recently asked more than 700 delegates at LRQA Live "To what extent do you believe your leaders understand their obligations?", almost half thought that their top managers were insufficiently informed of their new obligations, with a further 65% believing their top managers may have some understanding, but are either not engaged or have no understanding at all. 

The new leadership requirements if fully appreciated by top management, represents a real and practical opportunity to direct and grasp hold of a management system that is aligned to their organisations strategic direction whilst also supporting key business processes. 

This free webinar will explain the role of Leadership in ISO 14001:2015, providing the necessary insight into the new and changed requirements, relating to the role of leadership and the achievement of strategic and operational performance.

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We will answer the following critical questions all leaders should ask themselves: 

What are the new Leadership requirements? 

  • A review of Annex SL, a clear description of the actual requirements of Clause 5 Leadership. 
  • An overview of the other key Clauses in the standards that relate directly to top management requirements 
  • How to effectively apply the full PDCA cycle from strategic direction, through to management system design and execution

What are the additional expectations placed on top management?

  • A look at the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of top management
  • How the ISO 14001: 2015 management system standard promotes higher levels of active engagement to ensure the system delivers the required performance results.

How the requirements on top management can be addressed?

  • We will look at a range of possible approaches for how top management can become more engaged in the management system for internal benefits and how to meet the new standard requirements.

How to demonstrate top managements involvement in the management system?

  • We will provide valuable insight as to what your external lead assessor will expect in terms of demonstrable conformance with direct and indirect leadership requirements and expectations within the 2015 standard.