ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 on-demand webinar

Understanding the importance of context, risk, and process

Following on from the Leadership Series, let’s now look at the importance of Context of the Organisation, Risk-Based Thinking and Process Management.

To support organisations in understanding and implementing the main areas of change within the new ISO standards. 

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Our latest webinar in the LRQA revision series will look at:

Context of the Organisation

  • Why context has now become an important consideration and will help ensure that your management system is adapted to your organisation and objectives
  • The interrelationship between context, risk and opportunity identification
  • How organisations can address and demonstrate the new standard requirements relating to Context of the Organisation.

Risk-Based Thinking

  • Why organisations now need to incorporate Risk-Based Thinking into their operations and how this could impact the planning process.
  • How risk and opportunity are now addressed within the new ISO standards
  • Who is now responsible within your organisation for Risk-Based Thinking
  • How to successfully embed Risk-Based Thinking into your management system.
  • How your management system and organisation could benefit from the new Risk-Based Thinking requirements.

Process Management

  • How there is now a much greater emphasis on using a Process Approach and how this could impact areas of the organisation including leadership, planning, communication, management of suppliers and outsourcing and performance evaluation.
  • What is a Process Approach
  • How a Process Approach can drive and support cultural engagement
  • How to implement the new process management requirements
  • How your management system and organisation could benefit from an improved Process Approach.

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