Food safety standards

With increasing globalisation and complex supply chains, having the right food safety standards and retail management systems in place - verified by a reputable body with a global footprint - is critical.

Lloyd's Register has worked extensively across the food sector for over two decades, assisting with the development, formalisation and improvement of food safety standards, including HACCP, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000. Our food safety experts serve as active members of the world’s leading food safety technical committees, including the ISO 22000 Technical Committee, the European Accreditation Board’s Food Committee, the Foundation for Food Safety Certification and the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) Technical Committee.

We have been working with the world's top brands to achieve the best from their management systems for more than 25 years. We help you protect your brand reputation and consumers by addressing the complexity of risks, up and down your supply chain, and assuring food safety and sustainability.

Our food experts will work with you to define solutions which help address and mitigate risks throughout your supply chain, helping assure the right food safety, security and improved traceability processes are in place.

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Food sustainability

Food Sustainability

Lloyd's Register can support global food organisations and their suppliers to help make their supply chain more transparent and responsible.