Implementation Articles

LRQA is committed to providing support for organisations setting out on the certified management system route. And to help you on your way, we've developed a series of articles focusing on system implementation issues. These are from both an LRQA viewpoint and from an independent consultant viewpoint.

Implementation Articles Available

ISO 9001:2015 Requirements

Published in September 2015, ISO 9001 has recently undergone some of the most significant changes in recent years. It needed to change to enable it to adapt to an ever changing world where organisations are operating in increasingly complex environments.

BS 11000: An Overview

This article, written by LRQA's Margo Logie, provides practical advice and guidance for anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of BS 11000-1:2010 with a view to obtaining certification for their organisation against the specification’s requirements.

BS 11000 – a Consultant’s view

Many organisations recognise that working constructively with customers and suppliers is good for revenue and profit. It can also be used to support social responsibility goals, as well as marketing activities involving charitable and voluntary sector interactions. BS 11000 is one way to focus these aims and aspirations.

Implementing an OHSMS - LRQA Guidance

Companies are coming under increasing commercial, regulatory and ethical pressures to control risk associated with their operations. Most organisations now believe that they comply with the appropriate legislation, with many more realising the benefits a formalised approach to health and safety management systems can bring to demonstrating that they do comply with both legal and other requirements.

Implementing an OHSMS — a Consultant's Viewpoint

Whether you are a large multi-national or a small company, being able to demonstrate that occupational health and safety is being managed alongside other key company objectives is critical. However, having a system to manage it can seem somewhat alien.