Jacobs: The case for collaborative working

Jacobs believes that building collaborative business relationships provides mutual benefit for all parties involved. The company is focused on doing the right thing for its clients, employees, communities and supply chains – which often means taking an unconventional approach and finding a better way.

Jacobs recognised that ISO 44001 provides a platform to encourage Jacobs and its interested parties to work openly, improve innovation and manage business risks, while identifying and recognising value for money.

Complete the short form to download a copy of 'Jacobs: The case for collaborative working.' where Andy Brechin, head of Quality, Jacobs Building & Infrastructure Europe  explains:

  • How ISO 44001 helped drive organisational strategy 
  • Why Jacobs decided to go for ISO 44001 certification
  • Jacobs relationship with Lloyd's Register
  • Tips on how to implement ISO 44001.