Nuvia Limited - The benefits of early transition ISO 9001:2015

Nuvia has become one of the first companies in the nuclear sector to successfully achieve certification to ISO 9001:2015 with our registration body Lloyd’s Register (LRQA) since its release in September 2015.

Nuvia is particularly proud to be leading the way in this area, as it not only enables us to deliver industry leading levels of service to our clients but also allows us to make a positive contribution to society.

"If you’re an early adopter of ISO 9001:2015 you will get a return on the investment for the level of effort that the transition takes, effort levels are not going to change whether you do it today or whether you do it in a years’ time, but certainly the return on investment will diminish over that time. So do it sooner rather than later."

Head of Quality Ian McCabe,

Commenting on this achievement our CEO Keith Collett said, "this is an excellent result and thanks go to all those who were involved in the build up to and during the transition visit"

LRQA’s Lead Auditor Mike Geldard expressed his thanks to all personnel involved in the audit. Mike also praised the ongoing work to "enhance the quality management system and develop a practical approach capable of managing identified risks and opportunities that is tailored to meet customer, stakeholder, business needs and the requirements of the new standard."