LR's Consultant Network

LR's Consultant Network helps you to connect with organisations that need help, support and guidance when implementing and maintaining their management system.

How does it work?

To help you grow and maintain your business, we have developed a package of benefits with your needs as a consultant in mind. As a member, you will receive a discount from any public training course, updates on new & existing standards and be invited to networking opportunities. We will also refer your company contact details to enquiring clients looking for management systems consultancy.

To help potential and existing clients implement new systems, we will forward details of consultants who fit their criteria in terms of sector and standard experience. You can easily become a member of our Consultant Network by referring clients to us. To gain the benefits of membership, you will need to refer at least one organisation to us each year who successfully gains certification with Lloyd's Register. 

What does it cost to become a member? 

Nothing, our Consultant Network is a FREE resource for independent management systems consultants.

What benefits will members receive?


  • LR's Recognised Consultant status logo
    All fully registered members of the Consultant Network have the option to receive a logo featuring a unique identifier number for use on their letterhead, website and other marketing collateral. Lloyd's Register is not permitted by our regulators to recommend the services of any specific consultant.

  • However, this logo enables organisations looking for a consultant to determine whether they have the right skills and knowledge to successfully implement and support them with their international management system standards.
  • Referral of contact details   
    Depending on specialism, sector experience and location, your consultancy's contact details are passed to organisations looking for help and support with their management system. If agreed by the enquiring organisation, we will also send their contact details to you.
  • Free access to our update service
    When you become a member you will receive complimentary access to our environmental and health & safety update service; 'Energy & Environmental Insight' and 'Health & Safety Insight'.  For your username and password, please speak to a Business Advisor.
  • Public training course discount
    We understand that as a consultant you may want to enhance your management systems knowledge. As a member of our Consultant Network you will receive 15% off any Lloyd's Register public training course (booking code required).
  • Nationwide networking events
    To help you keep up-to-date with new & existing standards, we provide updates on current certification issues that may affect you and your clients and also provide you with an opportunity to network with your peers. 
  • Free access to update webinars
    We recognise that it is not always possible for you to attend our networking events, so we can provide you with access to our webinar updates on specific standard, certification or service modifications.
  • Readily available standards information
    We are constantly producing value-added content on the standard revisions and new standard & services.  Being a member of our Consultant Network enables you to have access to white papers and guidance documents via our website.
  • Personal point of contact
    During business hours, we want to make it easy for you to speak directly to Lloyd's Register (LR) whenever you need to.  Having a personal point of contact enables you to have direct access to a member of our sales team who will be able to help with any queries or client enquiries.
  • Training events
    We host regular training events to help you maintain and enhance your personal development with credits awarded towards CPD hours.
  • Client 15% training discount
    When helping clients with their management systems, it may be necessary to recommend attending a training course. As a member of our Consultant Network, we want you to be able to offer your clients 15% discount from any LR public training course (booking code required).
  • Access to LR's annual client events (chargeable)
  • For a fee, you can attend LR's client events which take place throughout the UK each year. 

Join LR's Consultant Network

Call 0800 783 2179 to speak to our team about our Consultant Network, or submit our application form.