'New Standard' Gap Analysis

As a recommended first step, a ‘new standard’ gap analysis from LRQA will provide an understanding of where your management system sits in terms of compliance to the requirements of the new standards, and what remedial actions – if any- need to be taken.

The gap analysis assessment examines and reports on your management systems readiness for transition. It will focus on how your management systems have addressed, or plan to address the changes introduced in the new standards. Based upon the findings, the LRQA assessor will advise whether your organisation is ‘likely’, ‘partially likely’ or ‘unlikely’ to meet the requirements of the new standards.

A report will be issued on the gaps found, the gaps will be clearly identified and your assessor will then discuss how these gaps may be addressed in order to demonstrate compliance.

A new standard gap assessment will alleviate any concerns you may have and put you and your management system on track for a confident transition to the new standards.

The benefits of a 'New Standard' gap analysis:

  • By identifying the areas of focus, you can commence on implementing the new requirements and making the necessary changes to your management system before formal assessment.
  • A gap analysis is a more informal and flexible visit, allowing focus and discussion on any areas that cause concern with the assessor.
  • The gap analysis will provide greater awareness and understanding of where your management system sits in terms of compliance to the new standards, and what remedial actions need to be taken.
  • Your management system team will have the confidence to recognise and implement the necessary changes to meet the new requirements.

Take advantage of an inclusive cost of £705* per day on an LRQA transition gap analysis, this rate is only available for gap analysis visits booked and delivered in January 2017.


*Terms and conditions: this offer is subject to the usual terms and conditions. The gap analysis must be booked before January 13 2017 and taken before January 31 2017 at an all-inclusive rate of £705 per day, non-refundable. An assessor will be allocated by LRQA which cannot be changed or specified. UK mainland only.
Gap Case Study

Gap Analysis

Download our 'new standard' Gap Analysis case study from Thales UK, which will explain the process of what happens during the assessment. A Gap Analysis from LRQA can help kick-start your transition journey.