LRQA management briefing

The final standards for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 have now been published, with significant changes to the structure and requirements of the standards. The changes and processes required for your organisations management system are dependent upon your specific organisations circumstances.

But one of the most significant changes is the importance of top management engagement within the management system. Top management are now required to understand and engage with the leadership elements of the revised standards. 

Leaders are now required to: 

  • Demonstrate leadership and commitment 
  • Link policy and objectives organisational strategy and context 
  • Promote awareness of the process approach 
  • Ensure risks and opportunities are determined and addressed 
  • To be accountable for the effectiveness of the management system and its processes. 

An LRQA Management Briefing delivered in-house to your directors and top management teams is a guaranteed way to ensure comprehensive appreciation and understanding of what the new requirements are and how they specifically relate to their roles. Also providing a range of optional cost effective ways to ensure those requirements are met in a manner that is appropriate for the needs of the organisation and its key stakeholders.

Management briefings will prepare you and your organisation to meet key challenges around the new 2015 standards regardless of the current status of your management systems. LRQA management briefings can be delivered in two formats; 

A half day in-house interactive event - your LRQA specialist working in partnership with your directors and top management teams will discuss the key 2015 changes, tailoring the delivery to make the event content perfectly relevant to the context and strategic direction of your organisation. 

A full day in-house interactive workshop - will cover everything the half day event delivers, followed by detailed bespoke facilitated debate, transition needs analysis and the production of an actual transition change management programme. This programme output will become the driving force to ensure a successful transition to the new 2015 standards.

The benefits 

  • Your directors and top management teams decide in partnership with your LRQA specialist to lead and support a pain free and cost effective plan for successful transition. 
  • Changes to your management systems are aligned to your organisations strategic direction and business objectives 
  • Value from bringing directors, leaders, managers and/or their key teams together to ensure unity of purpose and co-ordinated plans to ensure maximum business benefit. 
  • A highly informed and organised top management to ensure consistency and clarity of direction to drive sustained performance improvement during and beyond transition. 
  • Business-like approaches to satisfy new leadership, risk management and self-governance requirements