Another hit for LRQA and ‘The agenda’ client events

Once again the team went back on the road over the last two weeks to deliver ‘The agenda 13’ client events at eight locations around the UK.  By the end of the two weeks, almost 500 clients and over 150 assessors had attended.

Agenda13 Team
Photo of the LRQA agenda13 team

The theme this year was ‘Integrating your systems for business benefit’ and for the first time ever we trialled a booking fee of £25 (plus VAT), but then provided a complimentary copy of PAS 99 to all who attended.  Feedback from clients suggests they found the event of value and enjoyed discussing the challenges of integrating their management systems with their peers and LRQA staff.  

Victor Osmanski from Veolia Water comments, ”Great value for money and demonstrates LRQA’s commitment to its customers.”

Jane Henderson from Henderson Management Systems comments, “Best £25 I have spent in a long time.”

With many organisations having more than one management system standard, the introduction of ISO Directives Annex SL (formerly Guide 83) and the new release of PAS 99, it seems integrated is the preferred approach to managing multiple management systems.

So, we chose ‘Integrating your systems for business benefit’ as the theme for this year’s events, covering:

  • The bigger picture
  • The policy statement and objectives

99% of clients found these sessions valuable, as they provided insight and tools to help implement and/or integrated their existing management systems.

Darren Parkin from Mallatite Limited comments, “Great overview and understanding of the requirements for an IMS.”

Emma Shearing from Capita Total Document Solutions found this event useful for, “networking and insight into other companies’ problems and solutions with management systems.”

Posted - May 2013