UNIT4 Business Software achieves TickITplus certification

UNIT4 Business Software has achieved TickITplus certification in two key business areas, the UK division and its Harrogate based Group R&D division.  Such certification is increasingly demanded by customers who are looking to vendors to prove commitment and adherence to the highest quality standards when it comes to software development.

TickITplus certification demonstrates that the organisation has been independently assessed as developing software using industry best practice methodologies and as compliant with recognised professional standards. Such credentials are increasingly demanded as part of the vendor selection process and, as a result of its certification, customers and prospects will be assured of its commitment to excellence and capability when it comes to delivering business software. In addition TickITplus helps drive internal business improvements through better, more capable processes and provides a clear indication of the practices that should be undertaken to further enhance the service offer to customers and partners.

Jerry Lawrence, Quality Manager for UNIT4 R&D, explains some of the benefits of transitioning to TickITplus: “For UNIT4 R&D Harrogate, we wanted to take the next step with our processes in being able to both benchmark them and drive improvements in a more focused way. TickITplus offered a process model and defined practices, but also the ability to retain our ISO 9001 certification.

“We wanted to become one of the first companies to become TickITplus certified to full Foundation level. Importantly, it also allows us to pursue a more active improvement approach as part of the transition activity.

“We started our TickITplus implementation in Harrogate R&D in early February 2012 and achieved certification in October 2012. We are the first company to go through a full TickITplus Foundation level certification, as opposed to a transition assessment.  We are particularly pleased with what the TickITplus model has to offer software development organizations such as ourselves, and the work we have done has led to some good improvements,” he concluded.

Posted - January 2013