ESS&SA achieves certification to ISO/PAS 28007

ESSSA 28007 presentationLRQA UK senior management were on hand to formally present Netherlands-based private maritime security company, ESS&SA, with their ISO/PAS 28007 certificate at the recent SCEG maritime security event in London.

ESS&SA became the first Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) within the Netherlands to achieve certification to ISO 28000 including ISO/PAS 28007 with LRQA. This certification of a Dutch PMSC is an important step within the private maritime security industry in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the only flag State within the European Union that has no regulation in place to allow and regulate privately contracted maritime protection. A new law is in the process of approval, entering into force in 2015.

“We are pleased to join the international top flight of PMSCs while the process in the Netherlands for developing a legal framework for private maritime security is still ongoing. Through this certification, ESS&SA ratifies its promise to be a leading PMSC in the industry”, says Mr Djavan Romney, CEO.

“Operating in a former legal grey area ESS&SA has always been driven to abide by the highest international standards and has committed itself to stimulate the development of important regulation of the industry at every level. We fully support the current Dutch development of a legal system for private maritime security to protect the Dutch fleet. We hope therewith, as a result of this ISO/PAS 28007 certification, to be an example for the industry and a counsellor for all stakeholders,” Djavan concludes.