ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 New Standards Summary Course Launched

LRQA is pleased to announce the launch of ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 New Standards Summary course.

With the publication of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 those involved with the implementation of the new standards are now starting to plan and prepare for their transition journey. Client feedback has told us that there is an integral need for a basic understanding on the new Annex SL structure and the major changes ahead for all organisations and their management system teams. 

No matter what your role or responsibility in implementing the new standards a great starting place for all those involved is LRQA’s half day ‘New Standards Summary’ course which is a quick, top-level overview of the main changes to the standards and areas that require focus.


There are four key elements applicable to the new structure of Annex SL, and a basic understanding of these elements needs to be understood before you can begin to implement the changes. The following four elements will be covered within the half-day session: 

Risk- based thinking 

Learn how risk is incorporated into the new systems and how to identify and apply mitigation actions to significant internal and external issues.

Process management 

Process management is now an integral element of the new standards. You will gain a basic understanding of the process management elements and how to manage and maintain them within the new standards. 


We will be looking at the revised expectations for Leadership and the demonstrable policies that may impact your organisation. Expand your knowledge on what is expected from Top Management and their required involvement in your organisation’s management system.

Performance evaluation

We will discuss internal auditing approaches and methodologies and the key characteristics of an effective analysis approach now required within the new standards.

New Standards Summary Delivery Options

We understand that our clients are unique and will require different delivery methods of the summary to suit the complexity and structure of their organisation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or pricing on any of the below options. 

Option 1: Public training

The ‘New Standards Summary’ is delivered in many locations across the UK. The summary will be presented by a qualified trainer with a wealth of technical and training experience. All of our trainers have experience of quality and environmental systems within various sectors. For course dates and availability click here

Option 2: In-house training

Bring our experience into your organisation to deliver the ‘New Standards Summary’ for a personalised learning experience that will be aligned with your current systems, organisation and objectives. Your team will acquire understanding and knowledge at the same time, promoting team work and consistency in approach to the implementation of the new standards. 

Option 3: Pre-recorded / Live ‘New Standards Summary Webinar

If your organisation is spread across numerous locations, or you have a large number of employees to train, why not talk to us about our pre-recorded ‘New Standard Summary’ webinar which can be delivered and shard across your organisation, global sites and teams. This delivery option will ensure consistency of understanding, knowledge and content delivery. Alternatively, if you would like the webinar content to be customised to reflect your organisation and management systems, we can deliver a live webinar to your employees. 

Option 4: New Standards Summary e-learning solution

Every organisation is unique, with its own objectives and challenges. Working in partnership with you we will identify your requirements and create a bespoke, tailored e-learning solution that can be rolled out across your organisation. The e-learning package can include exercises and tests on the main areas of focus within the new standards, ensuring that your teams have a consistent learning experience and giving you the visibility of their progress.

To discuss any of the above options call one of our experienced training advisors on 0800 328 6543 or

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