Unit4 achieve Bronze level TickITplus

Unit4 R&D Harrogate is the first organisation in the UK to be recognised as operating at the Bronze level for TickITplus. The achievement was the reward for months of hard work and planning by the Quality Team; Jerry Lawrence, Ilona Sandland and Helen Midgley. 

Image - Unit 4Unit4 is a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations. With 4200 employees world-wide, Unit4 delivers ERP, industry-focused and best-in-class applications. Thousands of organisations from sectors including professional services, education, public services, not-for-profit, real estate and financial services benefit from Unit4 solutions. TickITplus enables Unit4 R&D Harrogate to ensure continual process improvement and to adapt and modify processes as technology changes within the industry. 

The TickITplus scheme is based on a 5 level capability model which starts at Foundation level and progresses to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The business decision was made to progress beyond the Foundation level to Bronze as this would allow Unit4 R&D Harrogate to develop more consistent and repeatable processes for use within its development lifecycle. 

Furthermore, the Bronze level of TickITplus ensures that Unit4 R&D Harrogate has the appropriate process framework in place to allow them to manage not only their core development processes, but also to ensure the appropriate disciplines are in place for managing interfaces with customers, other Unit4 departments, and applications used within the development lifecycle. 

The assessment process involved a stage 1 and stage 2 assessment. The stage 1 assessment covered the business overview and some process samples, whilst the 4-day, stage 2 assessment audited all 22 processes of the 'Systems and Software Development' scope profile, and was conducted by a team of 2 gasq registered capability assessors.

“I was very impressed by the accessibility of their processes and the usability of their system. Their excellent planning enabled more time to be focused on understanding the processes rather than document finding etc.,” said John Slape, LRQA’s Managing assessor. 

Dave Anstey, Unit4’s Product Director said, “I feel it is the most thorough and challenging Quality audit we have undergone, and this makes me all the more confident that having processes certified to this standard will support us well in to the future”.

"We are delighted to partner with Unit4 on this ground breaking project" said Rob Acker, LRQA's ICT Technical Manager. "At LRQA we are always keen to recognise the hard work that companies do to continually improve and with the new capability level potential of TickITplus we can genuinely say that Unit4 is not just performing continual improvement, but committed to fully managing it. Well managed processes deliver predictable results and that is what is needed now more than ever in uncertain times."