Lloyd’s Register addresses future of food audits at IFST 2018

The global food supply chain is evolving through greater transparency driven by consumer demand, new regulations such as FSMA, advances in technology and new products and services. But what does the future hold for a safer and more sustainable food supply chain?

These topics and more will be addressed at the upcoming Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) Conference being held on Thursday, 19 April, 2018 at the University of Birmingham.  Spring Conference (SC18) will be showcasing the very latest tools and technologies being developed or adapted for the food sector, but particularly focussing on their applications for managing risk.

“A key issue for all food businesses is assessing and managing risk throughout all stages within the food supply chain – ensuring that consumers can be assured of consistently safe food,” said Vincent Doumeizel, Vice President Food, Beverage and Sustainability at Lloyd’s Register (LR).  Doumeizel will be addressing the conference on The Future of Food Audits, looking at the impact that big data, blockchain technologies and Next Gen Sequencing will have on food traceability and if these new technologies enable real time monitoring of the entire supply chain.

“I am delighted at being part of SC18 and exploring how food risk management is changing through new science and technologies,” said Doumeizel.  “LR offers a unique proposition to the global food sector thereby delivering increased brand protection for customers through end-to-end supply chain assurance from farm to fork.”

With over 33,000 clients in the food sector alone, Lloyd’s Register is a leading force within the food safety arena for using technology to drive supply chain resilience through real-time traceability and transparency for clients like Arla, along with using technology and customised assurance solutions to deliver consumer trust and brand protection.