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  Process Management Workshop

  Half Day

This half day Process Management ISO Management Systems Standards workshop is for those wanting to gain further insight and understanding on the new requirements relating to process management within the revised ISO standards. This workshop will help you understand what these changes will mean for you and your organisation by explaining how you can guide your organisation through an effective and successful transition to the revised standards.

You can choose whether to attend our Process Management workshop as a public course or as an in-house event. 

Who should attend?...

This workshop will provide management systems practitioners with the knowledge required to understand and implement the new process requirements and how to incorporate them into your existing management systems. It is relevant to

  • Senior managers, management representatives, management system practitioners and management system auditors
  • Those who want to learn about the requirements concerning the process approach as defined in the latest Annex SL based management system standards.

It would be beneficial to have an appreciation of at least one Annex SL based management system standard. LRQA’s one day What’s It All About Then? or two day Preparing For courses, will provide an overview of the new ISO standards, providing delegates with an understanding of Annex SL and the requirements for revised management systems.

What will I learn?...

  • The underlying principles concerning process approach and how they are addressed in the management systems standards based on Annex SL.
  • How to define a process and to standardise that process
  • How to demonstrate what aspects of a process are critical to the specific requirements of relevant interested parties
  • How to identify where to locate the measures in a process and their role in performance evaluation
  • How to achieve the intended management system outcomes in relation to process management
  • Why effective communication is essential to ensure your management system is aligned with the business environment.

What is included?...

  • Training presentation and slides as a workshop hand-out
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Refreshments
  • Pen and notepad

Your future development...

  • ISO Management System Standards Workshop – Risk-based thinking
  • ISO Management System Standards Workshop – Context of the Organisation

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