QMS Management Briefing

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  QMS Management Briefing

   1 Day

You need this course if ...

  • you are thinking of pursuing ISO 9001 certification
  • you want to raise your awareness and understanding of ISO 9001 and how it links to effective business control and performance
  • you want to re-invigorate your QMS

You will learn ...

  • about the 8 key principles that underpin ISO 9001
  • about the purpose of a QMS
  • why objectives are so important
  • the difference between procedure and process
  • how process effectiveness links to business performance
  • about the responsibilities imposed on the management team by ISO 9001
  • why the management review process is so important
  • the business benefits to be gained from an effectively deployed QMS

You will need …

  • no previous experience or training in quality or ISO 9001

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