AS9120 certification - Aerospace stockists and distributors

Distributors of aerospace commodity items directly impact the performance of these items if they are mishandled or traceability is lost between the OEM and final customer. AS 9120, part of the AS 9100 series of standards has been developed to help distributors minimise the risk of anything that could impact the performance of their commodities. 

Benefits of AS 9120

  • Minimising risk - Manage and reduce the risk of damage to your commodities, thereby reducing the costs associated with those risks 
  • Competitive edge - Get ahead of your competitors by demonstrating your commitment to customers towards quality and security of your supply chain
  • Reducing Costs - Identifying risks before they happen reduces the cost to your business, improving your bottom line

Why choose LRQA for AS 9120?

  • Experience

  • LRQA has been at the forefront of standards development and involved in assessment and certification of aerospace standards for many years.
  • Proven Track Record

  • We have high-profile clients in the defence, aerospace, nuclear and manufacturing sectors which means you benefit from our experiences.
  • Aerospace Specialists

  • Our assessors are management systems experts fully qualified in all aspects of Aerospace standards.

What is AS 9120 certification?

AS 9120 is part of the AS 9100 series of standards and has been design specifically for stockists and distributors.

AS 9120 is based on ISO 9001 but with an additional 100 requirements for aerospace distributors, the focus is primarily on areas that directly impact product safety and reliability. These areas include:

  • Airworthiness certificates
  • Control of records
  • Evidence of conformance
  • Requirements for batch and lot splitting

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