ISO 22301 Audit

It is becoming more important to be audited against ISO 22301 to demonstrate that should the worst happen, your organisation can recover and carry on as close to normal as possible. Implementing a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and then having LRQA audit you against ISO 22301 will present a number of benefits to your company and customers.

Benefits of ISO 22301

  • Peace of mind – Being audited against ISO 22301 and gaining
    certification gives a public and independent statement that should the worst happen, your organisation can recover.
  • Minimising risk – ISO 22301 audits ensure controls are in place to reduce the threat of incidents which impact on the day to day running of the organisation.
  • Reduced Costs - ISO 22301 audits from LRQA gives you, and your stakeholders, confidence that you are prepared for anything which may impact the day to day running of the organisation.

What is ISO 22301 certification?

Based on the existing BS 25999 standard, ISO 22301 introduces a requirement for metrics for business continuity management, as well as additional emphasis for BCMS operational planning and setting controls.

BS 25999 will be withdrawn, so new clients are assessed against ISO 22301. For companies that already have certification to BS 25999, the required transition to the new standard is relatively straightforward and can be done within the UKAS-dictated timeline. 

Using industry best practice guide as a foundation, the standard has been introduced specifically to enable you to understand, develop and implement a structured and formalised Business Continuity Management system which will help minimise risk and so the chance of disruption to your organisation.