ISO 22301 via PRiSM

Assessing, planning and testing your contingency or emergency plans reduces the impact of any potential disruption to working practices. And, should the worst happen, a good business continuity management system (BCMS) certified to ISO 22301 will aid effective and prompt recovery, so helping protect market share, reputation and brand.

How can the PRiSM route to ISO 22301 benefit my organisation?

Only LRQA provides PRiSM (Progressive Route into Systems Management). Using the PRiSM route to achieve certification to ISO 22301 allows you to build additional certified management systems on to an existing system, at your own pace, using your available resource.

Achieved by implementing the extra system in a series of six Steps leading to full certification, each step is formally recognised by LRQA enabling you to demonstrate your commitment to your stakeholders, even before full certification.

Step 1 costs nothing and takes less than an hour during an existing routine surveillance visit. Following this, your LRQA assessor will work with you on a different part of ISO 22301 each time, where possible as part of an extended surveillance visit for an existing standard.

At each visit, subject to a successful PRiSM assessment, we issue an updated Statement of Commitment towards ISO 22301. After successfully completing Step 6, we issue full ISO 22301 certification.

Need to know more?

If you are an existing LRQA client with an ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 certified system you can take advantage of PRiSM. We also have a standard service offering for ISO 22301 including training, gap analyses and certification.