ISO 26000

ISO 26000 is an international guidance document on social responsibility. It provides an organisation with an outline of the principles and core subjects that it should be managing to ensure it identifies and manages a number of societal risks and impacts. 

Benefits of ISO 26000

  • Competitive edge - benchmarking against competitors helps drive improvement.
  • Reducing costs - improved business decisions drive continual improvement, better use of resources and help reduce costs
  • Stakeholder reassurance - helps you demonstrate corporate social responsibility and that you are fulfilling policy commitments
  • Minimising risk - improved awareness and knowledge means improved business decisions

Why choose LRQA for ISO 26000?

  • Specialists

  • LRQA has been involved with the development of standards in this are for many years and regularly participate in working groups with organisations such as GRI.
  • Experience

  • Our assessors have been carrying out assessments against social standards such as SA 8000 and are trained management system experts with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Proven Track Record

  • We have high profile clients in the government, food, telecommunications, finance and IT sectors.

What is ISO 26000? 

ISO 26000 covers a number of core subject areas including:

  • Organisational Governance
  • Human Rights
  • Labour Practices
  • Environment
  • Fair Operating Practices
  • Consumer issues
  • Community involvement and development

Some of these areas may already be covered by existing certification such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. However, there are a number of areas which may not be managed in such a structured and systematic way. It is these areas that may present a risk to an organisation as stakeholders and the media increase the scrutiny of issues such as fair operating practices and supply chain. It is becoming increasingly understood that these issues underpin the figures on your balance sheet and are vitally important to your reputation, and contribute to the overall success of your business.

ISO 26000 is guidance and is not currently a certifiable standard. It is not structured in the same way as the more common certifiable Standards. However, an organisation can have a Gap Analysis against the guidance to identify strengths and weaknesses with respect to social responsibility, and confirm areas already addressed by existing certification.