ISO 28000 Appreciation and Interpretation

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  ISO 28000 Appreciation and Interpretation

  1 Day ( In-house only )

You need this course if ...

  • you want to know more about Security Management Systems (SMS)
  • your organisation wants to enhance supply chain security
  • you are a manager responsible for integrating security activities into your management systems
  • you are an individual involved in assessing security risks and threats to the supply chain

You will learn ...

  • the background to the development of ISO 28000
  • the purpose, intent and broad requirements of ISO 28000
  • how the ISO 28000 series of standards relates to other ISO management system standards
  • the nature of threats, risks and hazards in supply chains and relate them to your organisation
  • how security risks are assessed
  • how ISO 28000 might be adopted in your sector and organisation

You will need …

  • no previous training

Dates and Venues

There are no events currently available please contact our administration team on 0800 328 6543 or complete the Training Enquiry form.