ISO 31000 Risk Management

To protect the long term financial stability and reputation of your organisation, it is important to manage and minimise risks. ISO 31000 Risk Management provides organisations with a framework and process for managing their risks. 

Benefits of ISO 31000

  • Competitive edge - ISO 31000 demonstrates to clients your commitment to protecting your organisation against risk.
  • Best Practice - ISO 31000 gives you, and your customers, trading partners and other key stakeholders, confidence that you are managing risks against an international benchmark.
  • Reduced costs - through careful management of organisational risks, the potential financial impact is also managed and reduced as a result. 

What is ISO 31000 certification?

ISO 31000 provides organisations with principles, framework and a process for managing their risks and it can be used regardless of the size or sector of an organisation. As the standard is a set of guidelines, it isn't a certifiable standard, it can be used to guide internal and external audit programmes however. ISO 31000 can be used to compare risk management practices of individual organisations against an international benchmark which provides a solid foundation for management and corporate governance.

Whilst ISO 31000 isn't something which we can offer certification against, we can offer a Gap Analysis to any organisation which allows for the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the processes in place.

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