ISO 50001 Training Courses

By measuring energy and using it more efficiently, you are ultimately reducing the amount of resources your organisation uses or wastes, saving your organisation money.

With the increasing energy prices - predictions suggest that prices may double by 2020 - it's important to manage your energy use before rising costs threaten the future of your organisation. 

Our energy management training courses can support the implementation of an energy management system in line with ISO 50001 requirements, helping your organisation to reduce both energy use and costs at the same time.

ISO 50001:2018 Update Workshop

This part-day training course will help you to transition smoothly to the new ISO 50001:2018 standard by providing an overview of the new requirements to enable you to detect any gaps in your existing energy management system.

ISO 50001 Appreciation and Interpretation

This one-day training course is a great introduction to ISO 50001. It provides an overview of the essential definitions, background, purpose and benefits of ISO 50001, plus the key requirements of an energy management system.

ISO 50001 Internal Auditor

If you are responsible for conducting ISO 50001 internal audits, attend this course to learn how to plan, conduct and report on your energy management internal audits, plus review and implement any corrective action needed.

ISO 50001 EnMS Lead Auditor

Continue your professional development and attend this five-day CQI & IRCA registered ISO 50001 Lead Auditor training course with Lloyd's Register. Successful completion will not only extend your auditing skills, but will award you with a certified qualification.

ISO 50001 EnMS Auditor Conversion

If you are a qualified lead auditor and want to extend your auditing skills to include energy management, this course is for you. Transferring your existing lead auditor knowledge, it explains the additional skills needed to successfully audit against ISO 50001.

ISO 50001 Management Briefing

This training course helps raise awareness of ISO 50001 and how it links to improved business performance with your leadership team. It explains the role of management in establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective energy management system.

Energy Management Principles

Attend this one-day training course to gain an understanding of energy management principles, the relevant sources of energy regulation, guidelines and standards, plus the typical methods and technologies organisations use for increasing energy efficiency.

ISO 50001 Essentials for the Energy Team

To improve your organisation's energy performance, this two-day training course introduces ISO 50001 requirements and how to apply them to energy use and consumption. It also provides guidelines on identifying new ways to improve energy performance and baselines.