ISO 50001 Essentials for the Energy Team

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  ISO 50001 Essentials for the Energy Team

   2 Days

You need this course if ...

  • You are a member of the energy team within an organisation
  • You want to learn more about energy management principles and how ISO 50001 can be used to improve energy performance

You will learn ...

  • The key energy management principles covering the following areas:
    • the principles of fuel combustion, heat transfer and energy flow
    • the relevant sources of energy regulation, guidelines and standards
    • the typical methods and technologies for increasing efficiency
    • energy measurement units, sources, costs, tariffs and scheduling
    • energy use data analysis methods
    • energy performance indicators, monitoring and performance measurement
    • the impact of organisational processes and equipment on energy efficiency
    • electricity use: motors, drives, lighting, computers
  • The purpose of the energy team
  • ISO 50001 requirements and how to apply them to the management of energy use and consumption
  • How to develop energy baselines, including the use of variables to normalise data
  • To identify ways to improve energy performance and how to manage these initiatives using an EnMS

You will need …

  • No, or limited previous knowledge or experience of ISO 50001, energy management systems and energy management principles

Your future development

  • ISO 50001 Internal Auditor.
  • ISO 50001 Lead Auditor or ISO 50001 Lead Auditor Conversion.

Course length

2 days

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