SA 8000

Developed by Social Accountability International (SAI), SA8000 is an assessment and certification standard based on international human rights conventions that focus on improving working conditions.

The standard, as well as the supporting independent certification process, provides the basis for a comprehensive and widely accepted approach for assuring fair and humane workplaces. Importantly, it brings a management systems based approach to the managing of social accountability issues.

First published in late 1997, it was most recently revised in 2008.

How can SA8000 benefit my organisation?

SA8000 is a widely recognised standard that incorporates the effective use of systems for managing social accountability with the motivation to improve conditions for workers. By assessing your organisation against the criteria of SA8000 we can help you demonstrate commitment to social compliance and continual improvement. This will also help you prove to stakeholders that you are accountable and responsible.

Certification to the standard represents a well recognised, trusted and effective tool for assuring humane workplaces and can provide specific benefits including:

  • Enhanced reputation: allows your organisation to demonstrate core company values, and assures stakeholders that you are serious about providing just and fair working conditions. This may also prove beneficial in being able to recruit, retain and get the best out of your employees.
  • Competitive edge: tendering processes increasingly require evidence that organisations are socially accountable within their businesses and supply chains. Certification provides evidence that working conditions are fair and of an organisation's commitment.
  • Independent verification: increased credibility from independent assessment by an organisation that has been recognised by the Social Accountability Accreditation Service (SAAS) as having the capability and expertise to provide a thorough and objective assessment.
  • Public reporting: SA8000 certified workplaces are required to make public their certification and can publicise their certification in the workplace, in company advertising and stationery. Details will also be published on the SAI website.
  • Involvement of all stakeholders: all key participants including workers, workers representatives and trade unions, company, investors, NGOs and governments are involved in the SA8000 system.

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