TickITplus replaced the old TickIT scheme in 2014, developed to help improve the ICT industry.

The new scheme takes into consideration the changes in technology since the launch of the original TickIT scheme. It has been designed with the diverse needs of the modern IT industry in mind and is suitable for software developers and suppliers of IT products and services. Some of its main aims are to:

  • adopt a process-driven approach
  • introduce capability assessments
  • accommodate multiple requirement standards, e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001
  • increase improvement commitment.

Benefits of TickITplus

  • Flexibility - TickITplus defines a core set of well-defined processes providing a complete coverage for a range of organisation activities and taking into account the diverse needs of the modern IT industry.
  • Best practice model - Defining five levels of maturity, TickITplus identifies a process capability framework to enable organisations to access markets requiring ISO 15504 compliance, such as CMMI and SPICE.  
  • Multiple standards - TickITplus maps between the core processes and combinations of requirements and reference standards, to help organisations who are adopting closely related standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001.
  • Formally trained practitioners - Introducing the concept, TickITplus, ensures trained personnel can help organisations support ongoing improvements, promote higher levels of process capability and benefit from closer involvement in assessments.

Why choose LRQA for TickITplus?

  • Technical Expertise

  • LRQA was closely involved with the development of the scheme and certified the first UK company, meaning we are ideally placed to help you become approved to TickITplus
  • Business Assurance

  • Through our Business Assurance portfolio, we can give an insightful, challenging, yet realistic assessment of your business. 
  • Global Trusted Brand

  • Being the first certification body to gain UKAS accreditation for TickITplus means you'll be working with one of the world's most trusted and respected management system bodies.

What is TickITplus certification?

TickITplus gives entry level access to capability grading for smaller and medium sized organisations and cost savings for those already pursuing both ISO 9001 and Capability Maturity Measurements.

Currently LRQA performs assessments at TickITplus Foundation Level, against the Systems and Software Development and Support Profiles.  This level allows organisations to progress to TickITplus with minimal effort.  LRQA expect to offer Bronze and Silver levels in 2015 as organisations start their maturity journey.

Existing TickIT certified clients will need to make the transition to the new TickITplus Foundation level by 30 November 2014 or revert to their ISO 9001 or ISO 20000 certification.

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