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  TickITplus Foundation

  2 Days

You need this course if ...

  • Your organisation is adopting the TickITplus scheme as a driver for process improvements and certification
  • Your organisation is intending to conduct TickITplus internal or external assessments
  • You are wishing to become a registered TickITplus Foundation level assessor or practitioner

You will learn ...

  • What are the benefits of a capability based approach to improvements and assessments
  • The basics behind capability evaluations based on ISO 15504-2
  • The concepts introduced by TickITplus
  • The design and construction of the Base Process Library
  • How to construct a Process Reference Model from the Base Process Library
  • How to prepare for an external certification assessment
  • How to conduct an assessment and produce a Process Assessment Model

You will need …

  • Practical experience of implementing and improving an ISO 9001-compliant quality management system in an IT-rich environment
  • To have had experience in conducting and reporting audits
  • A copy of the latest version of the Base Process Library
PLEASE NOTE - There is an optional examination on the afternoon of day two of this course which costs an additional £250 - please call 0800 328 6543 for details and payment.

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