BRC Global Standard for Packaging and AuditOne™ Brochure

At Lloyd’s Register (LR), we serve over 33,000 clients worldwide – from the world’s best known brands to the smallest of suppliers. As a result, we know that organisations are facing rising safety, environmental, tougher stakeholder and government requirements, as well as growth and profitability concerns.

As an official BRC certification body, we know that certification to the BRC Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials demonstrates your organisation is producing safe, functional and compliant products.

Certification also shows your commitment to consumer safety and stakeholder relations and is regularly required by organisations as part of their supplier approval procedures.

This, combined with the flexibility that the new AuditOne™ Packaging module brings means that suppliers will have the opportunity to have one audit that meets the requirements of multiple customers thereby saving you time and money, whilst ensuring that you have a ‘licence to operate’ as well as delivering competitive advantage.

Download the brochure for the BRC Global Standard Packaging and AuditOne™ Module to learn more about the benefits and process for certification:

  • Overview of BRC Packaging & Packaging Materials Standard
  • AuditOne™ Module, its advantages and how it works
  • How we can support you as an approved BRC certification body.