ISO 11000

In June 2015, ISO announced that ISO 11000 - Collaborative business relationship management – Framework, had reached Committee Draft stage 2 (CD2). 

ISO 11000 will replace the existing BS 11000-1 standard for Collaborative Working Relationships which was first introduced in 2010.

It was developed to provide a common platform and framework for any size and type of organisation to create more robust working relationships and, through those supply chain collaborations, to improve the performance of joint activities.

ISO 11000 is being revised by the ISO technical committee ISO/PC 286, with more than 20 other countries observing, advising and/or otherwise participating in its development.

This rigorous development using a consensus-based approach through the collaboration of individuals from industry, academia and government should lead to a very robust standard once published. 

Based on BS 11000, the ISO will provide a strong platform to support organisations looking to recognise the full potential value of collaboration.

It will aid the alignment of objectives, cultures and behaviours, which is particularly useful in international business partnerships.

ISO 11000 is expected for publication in late 2016.

For organisations looking to certify against this, LRQA recommends they start implementing a collaborative working management system that is compliant to the current BS 11000-1 which will remain available until after the ISO is published and transition requirements defined. 

After that, the organisations can simply transition across at their own pace within the defined transition period.