BS EN 15713 certification

BS EN 15713 is the code of practice for the secure destruction of confidential information.  It is applicable to any organisation that collects, transports and destroys confidential materials. 

Benefits of BS EN 15713 certification

  • Framework – The standard provides organisations with a framework to following for managing, controlling and disposing of confidential information securely and safely, helping them to comply with legislation and minimise risks associated with confidential data leaks. 
  • Competitive edge – Certification to this standard can provide organisations and its stakeholders with increased confidence that it has the appropriate processes and procedures in place for disposing of confidential material, providing organisations with that competitive edge.
  • Reduction in reputational risk - Organisations that have the appropriate controls in place for disposing of confidential material, can feel secure in the knowledge that their reputational risks and the threat of fines from data protection regulators will be reduced.
  • Easy integration – BE EN 15713 can be integrated with other management system standards, most commonly ISO 9001, but as a non UKAS-accredited standard, it can no longer be included in the scope of an accredited approval.  A separate non-accredited certificate will be issued.

Why choose LRQA for BS EN 15713?

  • Experience

  • LRQA has been at the forefront of standards development and involved in information security assessment and certification for a number of years.
  • Proven track record

  • We have high-profile clients in the finance, telecommunications, software, internet, consultancy, justice and government sectors.
  • Security specialists

  • Our assessors are management systems experts qualified in Information Security Management Systems.

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