LRQA at Sustainability Leaders Forum 2013

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On 21 November, LRQA sponsored the Sustainability Leaders Forum which was organised by Sustainability Business and Held at Hotel Russell, London, the event saw over 150 sustainability professionals and industry experts gather to discuss best practice and driving change through the supply chain.

LRQA's Sustainability Technical Manager, Ged Farmer, discussed 'Sustainability Leadership through Management Systems' and managing organisational risks to reduce costs and improve performance.

Download a copy of Ged's presentation here.

During Ged's presentation, a question was posed to delegates asking if they saw the value in a certifiable sustainability standard. 62% of delegates believed there was with only 21% who didn't. Read more about the UK's first certifiable sustainability standard in our latest blog.

Are you managing your sustainability risks?

Organisations are increasingly being asked by stakeholders and customers alike to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. This includes social and economic sustainability risks over an above environmental sustainability risks.

Corporate Reporting is a way for you to demonstrate that your organisation is committed to managing your risks and improving future performance. Many organisations don't know where to start when developing their report and it isn't as difficult as it may seem. Having your report verified by an external body once complete will give your report extra impact and provide peace of mind that your data is robust.

To help you with your reporting and report verification, LRQA have developed two guides; Corporate Reporting and Corporate Report Verification. These are available to download and can help you to avoid the common obstacles faced by organisations.