BT publishes Better Future Report 2014

This year’s Better Future report from BT highlights the progress made towards its goals and, challenges to, becoming a responsible and sustainable business leader.

Available on the BT website it outlines its programme for delivering the Better Future strategy in three focus areas: connected society, net good and improving lives; each with its own vision and ambitious goals to achieve by the end of 2020.

This year’s report, as in previous years, has been independently reviewed by LRQA against the AccountAbility AA1000 Assurance Standard (2008). Using AA1000 allows readers to more easily compare and contrast the existing Report against previous Reports as well as those from other organisations using the same standard.

Sustainability Technical Manager at LRQA UK, Ged Farmer explains further: “We have worked with BT for many years providing rigorous and independent assurance of the data systems used to produce the report. The team at BT recognises that independently verified reports are more trusted than those that are not. The rigour of the assurance process is seen as adding credibility, offering transparency and importantly giving valuable additional confidence to its stakeholders.”

“In addition, LRQA has certified BT’s environmental management systems to ISO 14001 since 2000, as well as other standards. And this has a knock-on impact in terms of our assurance team having a more holistic understanding of BT’s approach to sustainability,” concluded Ged.

Read more about the process and motivations behind BT’s choice of independent assurance in ‘Assuring a Better Future’ a case study exploring the benefits that BT has seen from LRQA verification of its Report that was written following last year’s publication. The article concludes with a number of tips from the team at BT to those considering external assurance of their non-financial reports.