What are the benefits of CSR?

Do you know what the benefits of CSR are to your business?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly considered by businesses to be essential in order to demonstrate to stakeholders their commitment to reducing or improving the environmental, social and sustainability impacts of their business. 

Despite the growing numbers of reports being published, many don't realise that the benefits of a corporate report are further reaching than financial savings

Benefits of CSR

  •       Best Practice - improved data and information accuracy means business decisions are accurate

  •       Competitive Edge - benchmarking against your competitors helps drive improvement throughout the business

  •       Minimise Risk - having your corporate report verified gives confidence and reassurance in legal compliance

  •       Protect your brand - protect and reinforce your brand position by demonstrating commitment to social, sustainable and corporate responsibility

  •       Reduced Costs - improved business decisions drive continual improvement, better use of resources and help reduce costs 

Corporate Report verification . . . get the competitive edge

Having your corporate report verified isn't as scary as you think. Our expert verifiers have been at the forefront of standards development and have worked with organisations in all sectors which means that regardless of your sector, you will benefit from their knowledge.

A verified report gives you confidence and demonstrates to your stakeholders that the data in your report is robust and legally compliant. As a result, you can have confidence in decisions made based on this data.

To help you with the reporting and verification process we have developed two guides to preparing your report and having your report verified which you can download at any time. In addition to this, why not try our CSR checklist to see if your report is ready for verification?

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