EU ETS Aviation

European Union ETS Aviation regulations require aircraft operators to monitor and report verified data on CO2 emissions arising from aviation activities on intra-EU flights and all flights entering and departing from EU airports. This EU Regulation (Directive 2008/101/EC) is an amendment to the EU Emissions Trading System.

The EU has postponed the implementation of the international aspects of its ETS aviation policy. This means the EU would not require allowances to be surrendered in April 2013 for emissions from flights to and from the EU throughout 2012 allowing additional time for political negotiations to take place.

How can LRQA help you?

LRQA has the expertise to help you meet your obligations. Our verifiers are well placed to help you meet your obligations under this legislation. We were part of the consortium working for the European Commission to develop the monitoring, reporting and verification guidelines for aviation’s inclusion within the EU ETS Aviation scheme. We have already performed a gap analysis at a major airline to help them to mitigate the risk of any non-compliance before final verification.

Our services include:

Pre-verification or gap analysis services: These optional services can help gauge your ability to meet EU ETS directive requirements before the monitoring plan submission dates are due and will give valuable assurance on your ability to meet the requirements of the EU ETS directive before the submissions date for monitoring plans are due. This verifier delivered activity offers the opportunity to focus on critical or weak areas of your system so you can comply with Scheme requirements. We will prepare a report on the accuracy and completeness of your systems and identify any areas of improvement that need to be made before the formal verification visit.

Annual Verifications: We can provide an annual verification service, typically a two-stage process, reviewing your operational monitoring system focussing on the system and the data for Annual Emissions monitoring and reporting. This will enable an efficient review of this data to prevent any surprises coming up in when conducting the final review for submission of the verified report.

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