G4 Global Reporting Initiative

The G4 Guidelines are developed by the Global Reporting Initiative and are voluntary global sustainability reporting guidelines.

LRQA can verify the data you disclose using the G4 Guidelines to help you demonstrate that the data you have disclosed is reliable and trustworthy.

Benefits of verifying your data?

  • Demonstrate commitment. Address the concerns of your stakeholders and demonstrate that your organisation is being sustainable and environmentally responsible.
  • Transparency. Disclose your economic, environmental, social and governance performance and streamline your sustainability reporting to become transparent in your strategy and management decisions.
  • Brand reputation. Protect your brand by being more strategic and focused and therefore, more credible. Explain what your organisation is doing to manage its performance and contribute to sustainable development.
  • Competitive advantage. By verifying that your data is reliable you are benchmarking against your competitors, which helps drive improvement.

Why choose LRQA?

  • Expertise

  • Our experts are recognised voices in the industry and regularly participate in the technical committees that develop and improve the verification standards, including the G4 guidelines themselves.
  • Assurance Statement

  • Our verifiers are well-qualified specialists enabling us to issue Assurance Statements in all sectors. So whatever your line of business, we have the capability and knowledge to provide an effective service.
  • Business Assurance

  • We make sure your sustainability report is accessible and tailored to your stakeholders.  So as well as verifying that the data disclosed is reliable and transparent, we provide an added-value, 'Business Assurance' service beyond the verification process.

What are the G4 Guidelines?

The G4 sustainability reporting guidelines are voluntary guidelines developed by the Global Reporting Initiative to help organisations with their sustainability reporting.

Materiality is the focus of the G4 Guidelines and this concept will concentrate an organisation’s attention to those aspects which are ‘key’ to its stakeholders, the business and the planet.

The Guidelines require organisations to list their material aspects and explain how the conclusions were made for determining them; so fundamentally it is ‘Identify; Prioritise; Validate and Review’.

Verification demonstrates the effectiveness of your strategies and management actions to help you address the concerns of your stakeholders.

LRQA provides verification services against the G4 Guidelines to enable you to show your commitment to being a sustainable and environmentally responsible organisation.

Need to know more?

View our Help and Guidance section or speak to one of our Business Advisors regarding the G4 Guidelines, complete our online enquiry form.