GDPR Readiness Assessment

If you are unsure where to start with your GDPR preparations, Lloyd's Register’s detailed Readiness Assessment will leave you with a clear road-map to compliance.

Your assessor will work with a range of stakeholders from your organisation to review your strategy, processes and existing security controls to identify any risks and the steps that your organisation will need to take to manage and mitigate those risks and comply with the GDPR.

How will it benefit your organisation?

  • Minimise risk – The Readiness Assessment will lead to a detailed roadmap to achieve GDPR compliance, allowing you to identify and fix any risks before they become a serious threat. 
  • Comply with the law – Organisations need to be able to show that they comply with the principles of the GDPR to meet the accountability requirements of the legislation. 
  • Competitive edge – By taking a proactive approach to GDPR, you can create an early mover advantage and promote your processes as a clear signal that you respect your customers’ data and rights.

GDPR Readiness Assessment Factsheet

Download Lloyd's Register's GDPR Readiness Assessment factsheet.