GDPR Guidance and Downloads

Lloyd's Register has produced a variety of useful resources to help you understand the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what your organisation needs to look at to comply with the Regulation by 25 May 2018.

We are committed to providing support to organisations wanting to make sure the processing of their personal information is completed in line with the GDPR to protect themselves from repuational damage and loss of business.

What's next for GDPR?

How do GDPR policies, procedures and security controls become part of your business as usual processes? Watch on-demand webinar from with cyber security experts, Nettitude.

Introduction to ISO 27001:2013

Roadmap to GDPR compliance. Fact not fiction

LR unravelled the GDPR facts from fiction, shared best practice and provided organisations with a roadmap to GDPR compliance in London at their GDPR seminar on 19 March 2018.

Common GDPR Challenges

Watch our video where we address five of the most common GDPR challenges facing organisations and how to mitigate risks to ensure compliance to the Regulation.

Preparing for GDPR

Watch our video on how to prepare for the GDPR - from awareness and commitment to understanding your data and processing activities.

Demonstrating GDPR Accountability

Watch our video for an overview on the GDPR accountability concept and gain an understanding on how to demonstrate compliance.

5 Step Implementation Plan

Download Lloyd's Register's 5 Step Implementation Plan to help you comply with GDPR.

GDPR Overview

GDPR Overview

Download the GDPR overview document which looks at the main principles, key concepts, who needs to be compliant and how to go about it.


This guide will help you understand what GDPR entails, how it will affect your organisation and how to be compliant.

GDPR DPIA Factsheet

Download Lloyd's Register's DPIA factsheet and learn how our training and assessment services can to help your organisation comply with the GDPR.

GDPR Data Mapping Factsheet

Download Lloyd's Register's Data Mapping and Classification factsheet to learn how we can help your organisation to identify your data flows to maintain your processing activities.

GDPR Gap Analysis Factsheet

Lloyd's Register's Gap Analysis service can help you prepare for the GDPR to help you determine your current level of compliance.

GDPR Readiness Assessment Factsheet

Download Lloyd's Register's GDPR Readiness Assessment factsheet.

GDPR Controls Assessment Factsheet

Download Lloyd's Register's Controls Assessment Factsheet to help ensure the security of your personal data.

GDPR BS 10012 Factsheet

Download Lloyd's Register's BS 10012 factsheet to learn how certification can help you to implement processes that can manage personal data effectively.

GDPR and ISO 27001 Factsheet

Gaining ISO 27001 certification from Lloyd's Register demonstrates commitment to meeting the GDPR.

GDPR and ISO 22301 Factsheet

Certification to ISO 22301 by Lloyd's Register can help you identify and mitigate data security risks.