ISO 14001 training courses

Our training will support and guide your management system team, auditors and top management on the requirements that could affect your organisation and environmental management system. We can provide the right support at the right time, enabling you to pick and mix the most suitable public and in-house training for your needs.

Benefits of ISO 14001 training with Lloyd's Register

  • Expert trainers
    Our environmental trainers are well qualified with in-depth knowledge on the challenges your organisation may face. They have practical experience to demonstrate how to apply the theory into the working environment.
  • High quality venues
    Our first-class, nationwide venues provide a suitable training environment and are pivotal to the success of our environmental training courses. Regular refreshments and natural day help keep you focused.
  • In-house training options
    If you have a group of people to train, in-house training is the most cost effective solution. You can choose any one of our public courses, or we can develop a course that exactly fits the needs and skills of your employees.

ISO 14001 training courses

Preparing for ISO 14001:2015

LR developed this course to help organisations address the new standard requirements and develop a plan to ensure a smooth transition to ISO 14001:2015.

ISO 14001:2015 What's It All About Then

LR provides organisations with a review on ISO 14001:2015 and Annex SL, including the underlying principles of context, risk, leadership and process management.

ISO 14001:2015 for Internal Auditors

LR ISO 14001:2015 for Internal Auditors course adds to the existing knowledge and demonstrates how to adapt internal auditing for ISO 14001:2015 requirements.

ISO 14001:2015 Lead Auditor Transition

LR developed this 2-day course to enable EMS lead auditors to audit ISO 14001:2015 requirements effectively without attending the 5-day lead auditor course.

Implementing an ISO 14001 EMS

LR developed this course to provide the skills for you to design and implement an effective environmental management system in line with ISO 14001:2015 requirements.

ISO 14001 Appreciation and Interpretation

Familiarise yourself with environmental management systems and the value of an effective system and its contribution to your business. Gain an understanding of the key requirements, essential definitions and terminology to help you interpret and apply ISO 14001 requirements.

Internal EMS Auditor

LR EMS Internal Auditor course demonstrates the responsibilities of an ISO 14001:2015 internal auditor, including how to structure and prepare for an audit.

EMS Auditor/Lead Auditor

IRCA accredited, LR's EMS Lead Auditor qualification will add to your credibility and enable you to conduct external audits against ISO 14001:2015 requirements.

EMS Auditor Conversion

IRCA accredited, LR's EMS Lead Auditor Conversion course enables existing lead auditors to extend their auditing competence to include ISO 14001:2015 in 3 days.

EMS Auditing for QMS Auditors

LR developed this course for experienced QMS Internal Auditor's who want to carry out EMS or combined QMS/EMS internal audits.

New Environmental Systems Manager

If you're new to environmental management, LR developed this course to help you acquire the necessary skills to help you understand and implement ISO 14001:2015.

EMS Management Briefing

LR developed this course to help organisations develop their EMS by showing how to link operations to strategy and business continuity to risk management.