ISO 14001:2015 What's It All About Then

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  ISO 14001:2015 What's It All About Then?

   1 Day

You need this course if...

  • You want to learn about the latest ISO 14001 standard.

You will learn …

  • About the high level management system framework, which describes the basis that all new and revised management system standards will be written, and its role in shaping the new standard.
  • The structure of ISO 14001 and how it interrelates with Plan Do Check Act cycle.
  • The differences between ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14001:2015.
  • The underlying principles concerning the determination of organisational context, the needs and expectations of interested parties, the application of risk-based thinking, leadership, the process approach, outsourcing and life cycle perspective as well as alignment with other management system standards and the associated benefits to an organisation.
  • How the principal changes defined in the new standard may be accommodated by an organisation that already has ISO14001 certification.

You will need …

  • Ideally you will have an appreciation of ISO 14001:2004.

In-House ...

This course can be delivered as an in-company event for those organisations that have an environmental management system and who have more than five people wanting to develop their knowledge of environmental management systems through application of ISO 14001:2015. 

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