ISO 28007 Factsheet

Piracy is a clear and present menace; it poses a direct risk to life, erodes profitability and disrupts supply chains on an ongoing basis for the shipping companies and associated stakeholders.

ISO 28007-1:2015 as part of the ISO 28000:2007 family of security standards, gives guidelines containing additional sector specific requirements to Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC’s) wishing to comply with ISO 28000.

Certification to these standards demonstrates to the international community that PMSC’s supplying Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) on board ships provide services that effectively manage the security threats of their operations, support the delivery of Best Management Practices, meet legal and other applicable requirements and provide effective armed security to the shipping sector.

Download the ISO 28007 Factsheet PDF and learn more about the key points of the standard.