ISO 28007 Appreciation and Interpretation

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  ISO 28007 Appreciation and Interpretation

   1 Day In-house only

You need this course if ...

  • you are thinking of pursuing ISO28007 certification
  • you want to raise your awareness and understanding of ISO 28007

You will learn ...

  • about Supply Chain Security in the Marine sector
  • about Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) operations, activities, threats and risks
  • PMSC competence needs and training requirements
  • The requirements of ISO/PAS 28007 and how it is applied to assess PMSCs
  • The principles and relevant requirements of humanitarian and human rights, and their application by PMSC operations in the maritime sector
  • The use of force in accordance with relevant national requirements, both legally and advisory during sea passage
  • PMSC security plans and how these work with the ship’s own management system during a security incident, including escalation management
  • The requirements for appropriate management of equipment, including the control, export and import of weapons

You will need …

  • no previous experience or training in ISO 28007

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