ISO 44001 collaborative relationships

The international standard for collaborative business relationship management systems, ISO 44001 certification helps organisations develop and manage business relationships within or between organisations.

Benefits of ISO 44001 certification

  • Enhance business performance. By managing internal or even multiple defined relationships within your supply chain, ISO 44001 can enable your organisation to streamline existing products and services to improve your business performance.
  • Reduction in costs. ISO 44001 certification can help your organisation to build collaborative business relationships that strengthen your processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Increase competitiveness. Implementing a collaborative business relationship management system certified to ISO 44001 can assist your organisation to develop existing skills enabling you to become more competitive.
  • Improve innovation. Managing effective collaborative business relationships enables organisations to apply new product and service solutions that meet new or existing market needs.
  • Manage business risks. ISO 44001 certification can help you manage multiple relationships enabling you to work closely with your supply chain, to help identify risks and then manage them effectively.

Need help with ISO 44001?

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What is ISO 44001?

Originally BS 11000, ISO 44001 has been developed to help any organisation, regardless of size or industry, to develop effective business relationships based on a collaborative approach.

Whether you focus on a single application between divisions or multiple defined relationships, including your supply chain, ISO 44001 can help you better manage these relationships to improve your products and services.

It recognises that collaborative relationships can take on many forms and does not enforce a single rigid approach. ISO 44001 acknowledges that every relationship is different and all have their own thoughts and concerns when utilising benefits.

Why choose Lloyd's Register (LR) for ISO 44001 certification?

Knowledge and expertise

LR has been assessing organisations against international standards for over 30 years’. Many of our technical experts sit on the technical committees to help with standards development, so are ideally placed to help with your ISO 44001 certification requirements.

Market leader

LR is a leading provider of certification and training services. ISO 44001 certification from LR, ensures your industry recognises that your accomplishment has been achieved from one of the best.

Global organisation

LR is a global organisation working in over 120 countries, holding almost 50 accreditations. If you are looking at implementing a collaborative business relationship management system to help with your supply chain relationships, we can provide worldwide services for your multinational stakeholders.

How can LR help?

Contact us to discuss your training, gap analysis and certification requirements for ISO 44001 certification.

  • Training. LR delivers training that can help you design, implement and maintain a collaborative business relationship management system that meets the requirements of ISO 44001.
  • Gap analysis. This assessor-delivered activity enables your organisation to focus on specified areas of your ISO 44001 management system to help ensure your system conforms to the standard requirements.
  • Certification. LR can tailor your ISO 44001 assessment visits to meet your organisational needs to help you improve both your management system and business.

Need help with ISO 44001?

Call 0800 783 2179 to speak to our team who are on hand to help you with ISO 44001.