ISO 44001 Help and Guidance

Organisations are starting to recognise that close, constructive working relationships are good for business.

Working collaboratively together ensures there is a structured, systematic approach to defining processes and competencies to further improve business performance.

These articles provide practical advice and guidance for anyone seeking to gain a better understanding collaborative business relationships (CBR) and ISO 44001.

Jacobs: The case for collaborative working

Download the Jacobs case study to understand why they chose to implement ISO 44001, including some helpful tips for implementation.

Collaborative Working in Aerospace

This guide explains collaborative relationships in aerospace, what ISO 44001 is & why it's important and your journey to certification.

Lloyd's Register ICW event presentation

This presentation includes an insight into Lloyd's Register Foundation, collaborative working in the aerospace industry, ISO 44001 and how Lloyd's Register can help.

ISO 44001 Explained

This guide explains ISO 44001 and how to implement it by providing practical guidance on collaborative business relationships and ISO 44001 with a view to obtaining certification.

ISO 44001 A Consultant's View

If you already have ISO 9001 and are thinking about implementing ISO 44001, this article explains how to integrate your management systems to support both quality and collaboration.