ISO 44001 Internal Auditor

An ineffective audit can mean severe consequences; resulting in process failure, customer dissatisfaction and regulatory noncompliance. The Internal Auditor ISO 44001 Training course teaches delegates how to optimize their auditing skills with the internationally recognized ISO 44001:2017 standard.

This training course develops the necessary skills to incorporate the requirements of ISO 44001 within your internal audit arrangements.

You need this event if...

  • you are responsible for managing Collaborative business relationship management system
  • you own or manage processes in your organisation
  • you are an Internal Auditor of an Collaborative business relationship management system

You will learn …

  • An understanding of ISO 44001
  • Knowledge of why collaborative business relationships are important
  • Understand the similarities and differences between ISO 44001 and other standards
  • Know how to apply existing audit knowledge to ISO 44001 and its key themes
  • What influences the creation of an ISO 44001 audit plan
  • Be able to help your organization drive continual improvement in collaborative business relationships

You will need …

  • To possess auditing skills and knowledge of general management system standard requirements

Course length

1 day

Approximate start 9:00.

Approximate end 16:00.