ISO 44001 Management Briefing

To enable collaborative business relationships to work, it is a necessity to not only demonstrate commitment but be committed to improving your organisations’ supply chain or intra-business relationships.

LRQA’s ISO 44001 Management Briefing course has been developed for senior management to help enhance their knowledge on developing effective collaborative business relationships (CBR) to further improve their business performance.

This half-day training course outlines the issues you may face as a manager and how you can overcome these challenges when managing complex business relationships.

Benefits of attending

  • Collaborative working business culture
    This course will help you establish a collaborative business relationship ethos within all levels of your organisation. It will enable you to participate in organisational projects helping you to lead by example and demonstrate your commitment to collaborative working.
  • Insight into managing complex relationships
    Providing you with the knowledge on how to use collaborative business relationship management as a system for business improvement, this course will provide you with the insight into the issues and challenges associated with complex business relationships and how to overcome them.
  • Understanding the  ISO 44001 framework
    This course outlines the ISO 44001 framework for best practice business relationship management and the necessary tools to establish collaborative business relationships in all levels of your organisation.

Price, dates and locations

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Who should attend?

  • Directors, top management and leaders 
  • Business development managers responsible for building collaborative relationships 
  • Employees who are responsible for the collaborative business relationship management system 

What will I learn?

  • Insight into the issues and challenges associated with managing complex business relationships 
  • Gain an understanding of the difference between individual relationships and relationship management as a management system for business improvement 
  • ISO 44001 standard requirements, framework and best practice for relationship management

Why should I attend?

  • Develop supplier and intra-business relationships to enable your organisation, projects or divisions, to focus on what they do best 
  • Implement a collaborative business relationship management system compliant to ISO 44001 
  • To become an advocate for collaborative business relationship management

What do I need to prepare for this course?

To attend this course you need to have a general understanding of what collaborative business relationships are.  LRQA has developed some useful whitepapers and articles to help.

What’s included?

  • Training presentation and slides 
  • Certificate of attendance 
  • Lunch and refreshments 
  • Notepad and pen

Course length

½ day
10.00am – 2.00pm

Dates and Locations