Managing for Sustained Success - ISO 9004:2009

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  Managing for Sustained Success

   1 Day In-house only

You need this course if ...

  • You need to take the effectiveness of your organisation's QMS to the next level - linking operational aspects to its strategic intent
  • You need to increase your QMS' ability to support and deliver in times of crisis - linking to business continuity and risk management
  • You work at operational level and have some responsibility for the QMS, perhaps as a management representative or an internal auditor
  • You work as a senior manager, overseeing the QMS and need to maximise its value to your business
  • You need a basic understanding of issues critical to most senior management such as business continuity and risk
  • You plan for your personal development or career path to take to senior management level

You will learn ...

  • Business Sustainability from the ISO 9001 perspective
  • The basics of Risk Management and Business Continuity, supported by a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) workshop
  • Core components of Strategic Management
  • An alternative approach to system audits called Self-Assessment

You will need …

  • Prior basic knowledge of ISO 9001, but not necessarily an expert in it

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